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Things to know in Advance of Getting your Kitten:

Health Guarantee
Our commitment to our cats and to you: We at Beverlymaine Cattery utilize all resources available through our regular vet  to ensure that we are breeding  healthy cats to create healthy kittens for you. However, kittens are living beings and, as such, we cannot guarantee that
your kitten or cat will never become sick or develop a disease. We love our cats who live in our home and we take very good care of them. We want you to have the same great experience with your kitten that we have with our cats, so we offer an Initial Health Guarantee , as described below.

Beverlymaine Cattery Health Guarantee and Refunds Policy


 No Refunds/No ReSales/No Size Guarantee:  Before your Bring your Kitten Home – Make sure no one in your home is allergic to cats. The time to
determine that is BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT! Borrow someone’s cat. Make sure your children, your significant other’s children, your grandchildren are NOT allergic to cats. We have had people telling us within three days after bringing their kitten home that they just discovered
their family member or child was allergic to cats! This is EASILY PREVENTABLE, but very disruptive to your family and my kitten. In each circumstance, the kitten will have to be returned back immediately , and full  purchase price will be FORFEITED . Also few things to consider :

(1) under no circumstances can you rehome/sell this kitten. If you choose not to keep it for any reason, it comes home to Beverlymaine Cattery;

(2) under no circumstances any refunds can be issued because of  self-exploration.
These are the types of things you should discovery BEFORE place your deposit and before you spend $2500+ on a kitten, not after.  Just text us that the kitten needs to be returned and we will work out how to get the kitten home. If you can’t afford to spay or neuter your kitten because of a change in life circumstances. TELL US and I will figure out if we can help.

Schedule NOW (Before you get your kitten) Well VET Visit.

You must take your kitten to a licensed veterinarian of your choosing within three (3) business days (72 hours) for a “well visit,” at your expense.
The purpose of this visit is to have your vet perform a thorough exam and confirm, as indicated in the California  Health Certificate, that your kitten is healthy. Email us proof of the well visit or text a photo of the receipt. Schedule this well visit in advance, as the three (3) day window for the well visit will not be extended and failure to vet your kitten within three days will void this warranty. 

Initial Health Guarantee/Disclaimer: This kitten is guaranteed healthy on the day it leaves our home. It leaves our home with a valid California Health Certificate signed by a licensed California Veterinarian who has confirmed this kitten has no health issues. None. This is your Initial Health Guarantee – you start out with a healthy, well kitten. Your GoHome Kit will also include litter sample and food sample that kitten is used  to .You then take your healthy, well kitten to your vet, who will also confirm that your kitten is healthy and well. The kitten has had a thorough health inspection including checking his ears, eyes, heart, lungs, and overall body. The kitten had no visible issues – no parasites, no fungus, no
worms, no diarrhea, etc.  We do not guarantee against FIP, subsequent parasite infestations, skin issues, upper respiratory infections, crusty eyes, and similar issues in kittens that are common and contagious. For example, if you do not give your kitten a flea preventative, it may get fleas or ticks . Your kitten could get ear mites  or fungus, like ring worm  from another pet who shows no symptoms or even from your local pet store’s floor or your shoes (ringworm fungus is super contagious on kittens and can live on surfaces/floors/kennels/tables for up to 2 years- mop with Pine Sol).  Upper respiratory infections in kittens are also common and highly infectious and also easily treated with antibiotics. Your kitten did NOT have these symptoms when it left our  care, but the stress of moving to a new home, can cause stress which may present itself as diarrhea,
runny nose, etc. These types of common issues are not guaranteed against. . When your kitten leaves our care, it is 100% healthy and ready to
start its new life with you. It is up to you to keep your kitten happy and healthy.

Upon Arriving Home: During the first three days home, keep your kitten quiet and happy and take it to the vet for a well visit. We require you to quarantine your kitten for its first three days home in a room with no other animals, maybe in your bedroom. Any other pets shall be dewormed PRIOR to kitten arrival. Do not introduce your kitten to any cat or dog or other animal for these three days. In the first few days home, your kitten may experience common stress related issues due to shipping/rehoming such as cold like symptoms including, but not limited to, runny nose, eye discharge, sneezing, lack of appetite, constipation, as well as stress induced diarrhea. Changing the kitten’s food can also result in diarrhea. Such symptoms are not included in this guarantee and are normal upon transition and usually of short duration. Injury or illness incurred during shipping is out of the Breeder’s control and is not covered. All risk of shipping is Adopter’s risk. If you fail to quarantine your kitten in the first three days, you are increasing its stress and likelihood of stress related illness.

Unfit Kitten: Return to Breeder within three days. Take your new kitten to your vet within 3 days of receipt of the kitten for a “well visit.” If your veterinarian provides a written certification at the well visit that the kitten is UNFIT for sale because of an untreatable or life-threatening congenital or hereditary issue, you must notify the Breeder and return the kitten to the Breeder within five (5) business days after the vet’s determination that the kitten is unfit for return and replacement with a comparable/equal value  kitten when said replacement  becomes available. Call the Breeder BEFORE your vet institutes any treatment or administers any  medications remember you are responsible for all vet bills and if you are returning kitten. A medical report or necropsy signed by the examining veterinarian must be provided to the Breeder prior to a replacement being made.

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